My Favorite Sunburst Mirrors

via House Beautiful 

I got a great email from a reader asking me to recommend some of my favorite chunky mirrors. I love big mirrors in almost every home. They are great over a bed, over a fireplace mantel, over a sofa etc. There are a few that I always go back to when designing rooms for clients. 

Here are some of my favorites! 

The Pierre mirror is one of my go-to mirrors as you've probably seen from my design boards. I love it. It's so unique and such a great twist on the sunburst mirror. 

The Devon mirror is a fantastic price and also comes in white. 

This beauty has got that great chunky mirror feel but it still has some great dimension and detail. 
This golden links mirror has a fabulous price! You can't pass it up. 

This antique silver mirror is so beautiful. I've also used this in some different designs and I love that it has a slight traditional twist on the sunburst mirror. 

I love this mirror for the same reason. 

This one has a fun shape and could be cool painted in some different colors.

If you have any great mirrors that you love let me know! I love finding new sources. 

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